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Building MotorCycles has long been a dream of mine. Now, retired, raising Cattlat my place in the country, and at the age of 62, I can begin to share my dream with you.

 Hello my name is Randy Rose and I born and raised in Houston, now living the "Country Life" on my place in Moulton, Texas.

 My first job was working on MotorCycles at the early age of 14. I worked in a shop in the "Villages" assembling NSU "Quickly's". I still have this Bike by the way. This shop also had Triumphs. I soon moved into the assembly and maintenance of these ageless classics. I loved the Tiger Cub", but my parents would not let me purchase one of these so I was stuck on a 50 CC motorbike. Back then, Harley Davidson's were loud, oil leaking Bikes only a few of my friends even considered.

 Now as "Clones" have gained a certain respect in the Custom MotorCycle world, I can build mine. Clones will never be a "Replacement" for the classic Harley Davison, but the MotorHawg is my contribution. As the site grows, Please watch the picture section "Builds" for Bikes we build.

Thanks for visiting our site and I hope to see you on a MotorHawg ... SOON!!!



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